Saturday, May 22, 2021

waiting in the garage for good weather, with hood and headlights set for racing... but the bumperettes?

when you have an air dam under the bumper, you really ought to tell your bumper it's no longer on taxi duty, and it's time to look ready to join the headlights and hood in the winners circle*F

and maybe flip those Yokohamas to black letter side out.

Why the choice to go halfway to making a Coronet 440 (that doesn't mean a 440 engine, it was the weird meaningless model number choice Dodge made back then, 440 or 500 for the basic cars, then Super Bee, then R/T for the best car with all the upgrades) look like an R/T when the tail lights are as obviously out of place as the side trim under the beltline. Then again, if you feel the word Mopar belongs over the rear wheels... you might be a dirt track sticker junkie, who doesn't understand that Mopars don't benefit from traction bars

those double blade fake chrome wiper blades though... omfg. If you can ignore the "powered by 340 cu in" sticker on the bolt on scoop, that, thank god, he upgraded to a 340 Six Pack sticker  clearly, this guy is a circle track fan

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