Sunday, May 16, 2021

Michigan fisherman posted this, I kid you not, a Mercury Drink Mixer toy outboard motor.

My maternal grand dad had a set of these coffee cups and a Merc outboard for his fishing boat.

Okay, so thanks to Matius, I now know that the above is from Tomy Wind Up  Sea Patrol Boat, 1978, and sell on Ebay for over 35 dollars 

Below are 1500 dollar ones, quite different, as they are battery powered 

a couple companies sold these from about 1956 to 1963

Only one firm, K&O Fleetline, had acquired rights to use the engine makers’ names on toy motors. While several other companies made generic knock-offs, the K&O originals are what collectors crave, and are worth about $1,500 — is a K&O drink mixer that looks like an outboard engine, complete with a portable fuel tank that holds its batteries.


  1. Beyond cool. going to have to look into getting one of them.

    1. Hey, if I don't have your email, send it to me, at so I can email you direct, or your phone number so I can text you.... there's the occasional time when I want to tell you something a bit more privately than on this comment section.
      So, next thing, Matias just informed me how to get one of the Mercury wind up toys, like in the coffee cup pictured at top... look on Ebay, for Tomy Wind Up but the damn thing is over 35 dollars in those I've looked at so far

  2. Well, maybe when I win the lottery.

  3. These guys are being facetious.
    Those are toy boat engines from the 70-80's that they are now using in their mugs.

    I had one just like the black Mercury engine in the first picture when I was a kid. It came with a plastic boat and you could remove the engine and attach it to any other boat you wished. I would build rafts with sticks all the time and attach the engine to them al the time.
    The white cylinder on top of the engine is to windup the toy!

    Make a quick google search for toy outboard motors and you will be shocked by the immense variety of options available.

    1. I wasted a couyple hours on this post, looking for that very wind up Merc... with the knob on top, I couldn't find it.
      Thank you!
      No one was being facetious, I am quite certain.
      I was googleing for "mercury outboard toy drink mixer" I think, and that's why the one's I posted are the 1500 dollar double a powered ones I posted.
      I kid you not, I wanted to post the one you linked to!
      I will now!

  4. this was my video, cant find the motor myself either . it got lifted from my facebook profile video and Michigan walleye wouldnt credit me in it even after offering evidence lol, ah well I went viral for a week. The green table is actually a drafting table from Kiekhaefer Mercury from the plant in town, ive had the motor or several years.

    1. congrats on creating something that went viral!
      And it's a damn shame you didn't get credit for it, but that's internet 101, lots of others want something that will go viral, and steal it from you in an instant.
      On a Kiekhaefer plant drafting table? Serious cool factor!
      There's a lot of people with your name on facebook, which one is your page, for the link to give you proper credit?