Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Steve & Ken


  1. You ever hear about the report that Ken Miles was not killed in the Ford J car and was alive but not so well in Northern Wisconsin in about 2003?

  2. If I knew how to attach a link I would, but I don’t know how and my 15 year old grandson is away for a few days so I have no one to show me. At any rate, search for “Ken Miles Scandanavia Wisconsin,” and you should get an offering of an article by Brock Yates, telling the story of a guy claiming to be Ken Miles. If what Yates writes is true, there are sound arguments to support the thesis Miles was alive and living in a bus in Wisconsin. (He obviously would have got the idea from Von Dutch.) There is also good reason to disbelieve the proposition it was Ken.

    1. if you want to include a link, copy and paste it into your comment. It won't directly acitvate when clicked on, here's an example:
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