Friday, May 21, 2021

the Bugatti Magnum edition, THIS is a great looking design, but sells for over $500


  1. Just look at the Dino Compendium book on ebay... Hah !

    1. you focused on the thing I didn't. The cost. I'm not interested in the cost, it was only a warning to readers to not bother looking it up to see what it costs to acquire, because I felt that many would want to buy one, due to the reason I posted it, the design and fantastic box/cover. That the publisher perfectly matched the color scheme, and then also realized that the engine turned look was the only correct choice for the box? Genius.
      So, it's not important that it's expensive, or that some other book costs more, a LOT of books cost more. Who cares how many or how much? No one.
      But that a publisher got the design elements exactly perfect?
      That is momentous

  2. I agree that the design of that Bugatti book is perfect.