Friday, November 15, 2019

Six Twelve Auto Worx from New York brought this Hellcat in a 69 Charger skin to show what they are working on and capable of. Giving new cars an authentic old look, without giving up the creature comforts of the new car tech


  1. That is very nice. I like that it's still in the works. But isn't this a '69 Charger body?

    1. no, its new hand crafted carbon fiber - except for the roof which in 2019 or the 2020 Hellcat so the structural integrity isn't diminished, and I think I recall him saying that the passenger side is half complete while fabbing the skin.
      You'll see the tail isn't 69 except for the lights
      oh shit.
      I said 71 instead of 69.
      I was also only barely awake and yet still typing
      you might not believe me on that,
      but it's true
      Thanks for the catch! Fixing that now!

  2. to me thats the best thing about older cars,
    is the lack of all the computer crap.

    i have added EFI power steering, disc brakes and Vintage Air to my 74 Bronco and a 76 Chevy K-10 stepside, and a 65 Falcon station wagon.

  3. I believe Jesse, you've been very busy. And it's still very cool. hope we get to see the completed project.