Thursday, November 14, 2019

one of the best things about SEMA is finding a company that has some humor, and brings it to the meme of their booth, this year Katzkin surprise me by going above and beyond

I love this Roman theme, and since I don't read latin, a lot of the stuff they wrote on the posts and columns is not getting through.

they carry the theme through to the sign for the Jeep Gladiator (lol, good pun, and perfect way to work with the theme), and the year on it in Roman numerals

lol, the COWlosseum, I love that

the gladiator (get it, Jeep truck and roman coliseum fighter) sword says Maximoo (ha!)

and every year they give away little cows at Katzkin... cows, because they are selling leather seats.
And every year the theme of the cow is different, and I never discovered that until SEMA 2017. Yup, kinda missed that entirely for 7 years that I was covering SEMA, but I can tell you that it's HUGE, and missing things is GOING to happen.

Anyway, so this year the theme was roman coliseum, and the little foam cow is, as you can see, a legionnaire  really did a superb booth this year, and I say it was the best booth this year for it's solid theme, and extra details, and for being much improved over it's typical good set, but not strong theme. They always have a dozen or so seats

 to sit down and relieve your feet from the long days walk about, and always have plenty of the little theme cows. Last year was Evil Knievel, and the year before that was Frankenstein, as SEMA was during Halloween.


  1. I will find a way or make one
    peace newcomers

    1. This(above message) is the Latin translation.

  2. "a wolf does not fear a barking dog"

  3. “I am not lead, I lead”

    1. Thanks Larry! I think they used led, and lead... not lead, and lead