Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Ten Knights in a Bar Room" a B 17, and a B 24, and a B 29, all with a play on words name from the title of an 1850s book about what it's like inside a bar full of drunks

Above, a B 24, that was shot down after bombing Wewak. A single Ki-61 Tony attacked from the direction of the sun, and fired a momentary but accurate burst that hit the port wing of this bomber, causing it to explode in mid-air.

S/Sgt James W Cayten, tail gunner of B-24 "Blonde Bomber" witnessed: "the number two engine caught fire. Approximately 15 seconds after the engine was afire, flames broke out through the bomb bay, and waist windows. I saw three chutes open behind the plane. I also saw an object which might have been a man leave the ship, but no parachute was seen. I saw two parachutes float with the clouds, and watched the other until out of view.

The plane started losing altitude just after the engine was hit. After approximately a minute and half the plane went into a dive and started breaking apart”. S/Sgt Clarence Roper, right waist of B-24 "Blonde Bomber" witnessed: “Shortly after observing the fire in the waist, number two engine blew up and the wing came off, and as the plane started down the tail came off”.

and this B 29 on Guam


  1. Holy crap, I cant beleive I just stumbled on this. Back in the 70s my parents used to be in local plays. One of them was called "Ten Nights in a Barroom". I hadn't thought about that play for many years, but yesterday for some reason I was thinking about it. Then today I see this!!!!!!

    1. The world is a crazy thing! Glad you're enjoying this blog!