Wednesday, September 11, 2019

omg... and wow! Compliment of the year! Thanks Minnesotastan!

Via Just A Car Guy - the best source for posts about things on wheels.

Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog Intermittently

I don't get to read his blog often enough to even keep up, but once every couple months or so I head over to Tywkiwdbi Blog to get some real brain food, not fast food, not eye candy, but serious short attention span real educational stuff.

Sometimes there are some short and fast entertaining things, but mostly its some real thoughtful learning stuff, and I've been going there since I discovered it about 10 years ago

Well, I was astonished and amazed to read this compliment on a source credit there, because he is a serious connoisseur of online content! His blog actually has twice the followers and accolades I've had, and his contemporaries are some cool intelligent blogs and .coms like
Neatorama, Miss Cellania, etc

So, to me getting a compliment from a higher caliber blogger I've been respecting for many years is on par with Las Vegas Steve's high praise yesterday for the beer run A 20 post, or a mention in Hot Rod Magazine a couple years ago... see, I am just a car guy, them other guys are serious and or in business. My contemporaries are a bit like me, pretty pictures, t n a, rusty junkyard stuff, and goofball shennanigans like burning rubber to tattoo every stoplight in town with your car's signature. Not the most mature use of a car tire, ya know?

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