Tuesday, September 10, 2019

because if we needed cops, we could just call them, you know - like when a fire happens we call the fire dept, and when someone needs a hospital we call an ambulance... but not cops, they're motivated to cause problems, not find stolen cars and stolen motorcycles (like the assholes should be doing)

after he bites into the cookie phone this video goes no where just to fill time.

Also, when cops start spending as much time looking for car thieves at the mall parking lot as they do looking for drivers speeding on the freeway - who are simply moving from A to B without stealing a car, then you can tell me that cops are doing the damn job they are paid to do.

Until they are out preventing cars from being stolen with the same vigorous enthusiasm as they show for writing speeding tickets to beef up their budget? They're simply bully badge revenue generators looking for overtime paychecks.... not prevention of crime.



more cars are stolen in the San Diego region each year than much of the nation.


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