Friday, August 09, 2019

If you love steam punk, but haven't been to Europe, you probably haven't seen of heard of Abacus Theater yet... just like me. But I saw a video on facebook and was shocked at the fantastic steampunk three wheelers, big wheelers, etc!

Steamroadsters last weekend at Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2019.

also known as strassentheater, the street theater troupe Abacus Theater has several crazy fun steam punk vehicles, some Mad Max ones, and some spaceship styled ones.

be sure to select 1080 resolution  has a better look, but it's on facebook

they have a couple more:

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  1. Years ago the circus troupe 'Archaos' toured Europe, utilizing motorcycles instead of horses, forklifts in lieu of elephants, a rock'n'roll band instead of the usual cirkus orchestra. A quite different take on the traditional circus repertoire. I'm really glad to see that Abacus Theater has picked up the mantle. Thanks for posting.