Saturday, August 10, 2019

Happy 100th anniversary to Fel Pro!

Fel-Pro was established July 5, 1918, as Felt Products Manufacturing Co., which initially manufactured felt seals and washers from a facility in downtown Chicago. The company’s founders – Albert Mecklenburger and Hugo Herz – soon saw opportunity in the burgeoning automobile market and, in particular, Henry Ford’s revolutionary Model T. Ford Motor Co. was the first of thousands of customers

5000 units were eventually shipped out to loyal customers as part of a thank you “Gask-Kit” full of goodies.


  1. 1918 to 2018. One hundred years. Jesse, how come we are hearing about it now? It's 2019. I want on e of those 100 year gaskets. I've used Fel-Pro for at least forty of those years in any gasket replacing jobs I've done.

    1. You're not going to like the answer... because I'm not paid enough to research all the car parts companies to find out when they have anniversaries.
      Also, I just found out. They didn't get the word out for shit that they were having an anniversary, and I was at their booth at SEMA last year