Friday, August 09, 2019

Coffee and Donuts while 2 weeks of construction installs a half mile of barrier wall, up the side of a hill, lays in a concrete road alongside it, installs street lights, and motion sensors.

Seems to me that they may have made this on spec, to prove that they are the company who will prove ability, timeline, and both while without regard to elevation changes

IF you're upset about a barrier being installed on the border between countries, well... you can ignore it, but there are borders between countries, counties, and states, and so far, not a single one has been removed anywhere on the planet. Oh, also, no one has protested the Great Wall of China, so, it seems to me that no one is all that upset about walls on borders, except for that one between East and West Germany.

And no, that doesn't prove me wrong about wall between countries... that was a wall around Soviet Berlin, and it had lots of gates for people to come through. So, not a very good wall, with gates, and not between countries. The Vatican has one too, around it which shows where the church formed a country inside Italy... and it has lots of gates too.

Anyway, back to the border issue. I heard it put this way the best, where protesting about installing a border shows just how emotional but stupid people really are... it goes like this: if you think YOU don't want a wall, between the USA and Mexico, then you also don't think YOU should have a fence between your house and the neighbors. If you think that people should be able to walk across into the USA from Mexico without doing the paperwork, and LEGALLY being allowed into the other country, in either direction, ask the police in Mexico if they are cool with you coming into Tijuana without a passport. But if those make no sense and just confuse you, then this ought to clear it up... can anyone just walk into a football stadium, baseball stadium, etc etc without buying a ticket and getting in legally? Of course not. Getting over the border between countries is like that, being sure there is a hell of a party going on past the security guards, but unless you do get handed a piece of paper saying you've met the requirement, you can't go in, and will be arrested if you try and sneak in.

Same thing goes for people from south of the border who don't think we've got a good reason to stop travel at the border, and ask to see the paper that lets them past security. It's really that simple. Well, the mega rich who put on the game don't let anyone in for free. That goes for countries the same as it goes for sports games. And the more you pay to get in, the better the view of the people getting paid to win the game.

And all the crazy people who think that Mexico still legally owns the southern states like Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico? And that the USA stole it? Well, tell the president of Mexico that he still owns it then. Tell him to kick out the gringos, and take it back. I already know he'll laugh, look at you to see just how crazy you are, then tell you that no, Mexico doesn't own, or want anything north of that border. They have had a lot of time to think about it, and in all that time never brought a paper, a lawyer, or an army to argue about all that nonsense. They are pretty cool with the way the USA keeps the money flowing, like the 1994 bail out of the peso by the USA. Or the one in 1982. Etc. Keep in mind, the USA is bankrupt too. 20 trillion dollars in debt. But that money keeps flowing, and the USA is a good neighbor to prevent the Nazis and the Japanese from ever bothering Mexico. After all, nobody speaks German who doesn't want to, do they? Ditto Japanese. If the USA hadn't rescued the planet in 1945, you'd be zeig heiling a hell of a lot. Doesn't matter where you live. 


  1. Borders do go down. Ever heard of the Schengen Treaty? I can now ride around Europe without having to show my passport, or have customs officers rummage through my luggage. Been in effect for decades, involving most member countries of the EU.

    In times of crisis, like when the recent conflict in Syria produced a lot of refugees, borders can be reestablished for a while, but for the average citizen they're a distant memory.

    1. Hmm, the economic borders went down, and the security checkpoints... but did the borders go down? I say no. Is it all one country? I say no. It's easy to see that each country still has their own national leader, national budget, national government departments of education, etc etc. When those go away, and there is only one leader, one department of education, one budget - then I'll agree with you. Until then? There are borders, and there are different countries.
      I haven't heard of the Schengen treaty, It probably happened when I was doing 10 years in the Navy, from 1989 to 1999. I wasn't getting the news, and when I got out of the navy, a lot of stuff had changed. The internet was invented for example, CDs, and cell phones

  2. When are they building the wall between Canada and the USA?

    1. why would they need to? Canadians aren't allowing Central Americans and Mexicans to cross through to get into the USA illegally. And since Canadians seem to have figured out how to run their country without half their population living in poverty, they don't have an illegal migration problem. Plus, pot is now legal in Canada, but not in Mexico... so Canadians are happy, Mexicans are not.
      But you go ahead and tell me why you think a wall ought to be built on the Canadian border

  3. Amazingly restrained answer....

    The Schengen Treaty did happen when you were busy elsewhere. True, the national borders themselves exist, but aren't felt much when people are going from one place to the other, for vacation, shopping, work, education etc.

    Originally the EU was merely an economic arrangement, but in time more and more things got added, in limited measure or fully: The Euro currency, police cooperation, military actions, farming policy, to mention a few. I guess today about a third of the laws coming from the EU affect national laws in the individual countries, when it comes to financial policies, human rights, refugee policy, farm subsidies, and whatever.

    For some Europeans the EU should eventually become The United States of Europe (I lean that way), but it'll take generations, as regional differences are much bigger than in the US.

    1. I think European Federation is better designation. If we get USE then USA will don't give us a break always bragging that they are US-A and we are just US-E in alphabet.

  4. Nancy Pelosi has a wall around her house, with armed guards.
    but thinks we dont need one at the border.

    gotta love lying scumbag politicians
    I got no problem with immigrants, but asking them to ring the doorbell and be invited in, is the proper way to do it.
    my father was a park ranger, and we lived on a state park, and during the winter lots of mexican workers would drive the old pickups and camper trailers and stay for weeks , working, usually planting trees.
    then they would go back to mexico.
    they didnt bring they entire extended families, and demand that we speak spanish ad give them free schools, and free housing and the right to vote. they came and worked for a few weeks or months and went back home
    i got no problem with that

    but we are gonna have to build a border wall and have some semblance or security,
    the Berlin Wall was to keep people IN, that's called a prison, a border wall keeps people OUT, thats called sovereignty