Friday, February 08, 2019

looks like a lot of fun... but how tiny is the engine?


  1. It looks like a short lived variant of kart racing back in the late 1960's called Formula K. I believe Formula K was derived from the earlier FKE (Formula Kart Experimental)and limited engine displacement to 250cc.
    Tecno Kart (later of Tecno race cars) made a version based on a 250cc Ducatti twin. I missed a chance to pick up a Tecno Formula K, it was complete in pieces for $2500. I passed on it and I still kick myself...From what I understand, it went back to Italy.
    Tecno is an interesting story, they stated building racing karts. In fact, their racing karts forever changed the fundamental design. Here in the states, our motors had industrial origins in chainsaw motors. Chainsaw motors were fan cooled so motor placement was behind the seat. In Italy, they were big into 2 cycle air cooled motorcycles(Parilla/Ducatti etc). The Pederzani Brothers were the first to design a kart with a side mounted (sidewinder) air cooled motor (Parilla BA-13). It was so successful, that it won the World Karting Championships 3 years running. I have one of their karts from '64 and compared to what was being raced in the states, it was truly revolutionary.

    1. Whoa, do you take out every summer and have some fun?