Thursday, January 03, 2019

Thanks to Robert L for the box of books!

It even includes the Owen Magnetic! You've probably for gotten about it, but, it's a singularly unique car... for 1917. It had a magnetic trnasmission

only 12 are said to still exist, one in the Nethercutt, one in Jay Leno's collection, one in the Cleveland Car Museum, one in the Fountainhead.

one of the books that was the fastest to get looked through, was the Automotive Wiring Manual, by Harry Lorin Wells

As you can see, it's got the 1913-1919 vehicles schematics, as well as the internal schematics of the generators and starters. Cars, trucks, and a couple tractors. 540 pages of them.

Google Books tried to scan a copy, but messed it all up. So, 90% of the online version isn't there, it looks like the scanner started jamming, and was never fixed. Automation run amuck. Apparently, no one went to check that the job was well done. It wasn't done enough to qualify as a good start. You';d think they'd have a sensor telling the scanner and machine that turns pages, or whatever they used, that nothing was getting done from page 20-580


  1. Hope you like them! Can't wait to see you post some more of the books.

    1. I will, but this week I've been slammed and haven't gotten into the garage. It's dark by 5 pm... and cold, so, if I can get there when the sun is up, great, if not, I pass on by and get home to eat and blog