Thursday, November 29, 2018

there was a bad fire at a great junk yard, the day after Thanksgiving in Pepperell, Mass. Fire departments from 17 local towns assisted first responders battling a thick smoky fire that resulted in the business becoming a complete loss after going to eight alarms

the closest water supply was a half mile away, so water was shuttled with a tanker for 8 hours

Investigators have determined that the fire was caused by employees who were welding inside.

“It was workers doing their work —welding, cutting metal and some fuel caught fire,” Town Administrator Andrew MacLean told reporters at a Friday night news conference. “It all goes up. Tires, fuel, oil, anything you would imagine at an auto salvage yard is going to be flammable.”

Company officials said they have more than 2,000 used cars on the property, which has been in business since 1954.

A woman who owns the shop with her family told NBC10 Boston that they will rebuild.

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