Monday, November 26, 2018

General Motors confirmed on Monday that it will no longer make 6 lines of cars, following Ford's lead of killing off all cars that aren't named Mustang, a couple months ago

They will kill the Volt (9 years after it's debut)
the Cruze (8 years after it's debut)
the Sonic
the Impala
Buick LaCrosse,
Cadillac XTS sedan
and Cadillac CT6 sedan.

no doubt Mazda, Honda, and Hyundai are looking forward to less cars competeing for the customers


  1. The British bike industry decided to stop making small bikes in the 70s....

    1. I wish you'd completed that sentence... well, how about you complete it, so I don't have to guess where you were going with it? But, I think you really adeptly drew the perfect analogy.

  2. I told my wife yesterday that Ford and GM appear to be digging themselves into a hole. Does everyone in America only want huge trucks? Gas won't stay cheap forever.

    1. yes, everyone wants large "safe" and impossible to park in a parking lot big trucks. If they were giving away compacts, 4 door sedans, and trucks, the line for trucks would be around the block. But cheap gas? It's 350 a gallon! That's not cheap... that's about the average of the last 10 years. Cheap would be less than 2 bucks a gallon.

  3. :-) Sorry. Yes BSA Norton Triumph decided to stop making smaller bikes and concentrate on the bigger ones which they made more money out of.
    So people bought small Japanese bikes when they started out, liked them, and when they were ready to move onto larger bikes they bought larger Japanese bikes. Of course this wasn't the only mistake the British motorcycle industry made, but relinquishing a huge market was not a good idea.