Monday, November 26, 2018

David asked me yesterday why he's paying 4.20 a gal when oil just crashed to 50 a barrel... well, it's possibly the gas station you go to... this one, photographed minutes ago, hasn't lowered prices in years

Yes, you can find 3.40 a gallon all over town. This station doesn't have any competition for about a mile in any direction, and the news just said oil is up to $51.55.

in fact, this a 10 cents more a gallon than when oil was 69 a barrel 2 months ago

yes, same station.

and when oil was 33 a barrel, in Jan 2016, gas was 2.99 a gallon. So... riddle me that! How does the price of oil double, but gas doesn't?


  1. Yeah...I remember places like that along Hwy 1 north of San Francisco from when I lived there. Prices never went down.

    We are down to $2.99 for premium here in north-eastern Wisconsin. Even less farther south.

  2. My wife just paid $2.15 a gallon today. Gas is much cheaper in the Midwest.

    1. yup, that's partly due to the lack of refineries in California. There is only 1 that I know off. El Segundo by Edelbrock's factory