Friday, May 04, 2018

it must be the best place to repair motorbikes East of St Louis... from all the photos I've seen, at least 1 in 5 bikers damages their bike on the Tail of the Dragon


  1. check out the Tail of the Dragon Tree of Shame

  2. I drove a U-Haul 20 foot box truck with a full car carrier trailer over that road! The guy at the hotel I stopped at freaked out when I told him where I had come from! The trucks brakes were smoking, it was overheating, the transmission was slipping....the truck only had 2000 miles on it when I rented it in Kansas!

  3. Where are the photos of Swift drivers?

  4. I once drove my 18 wheeler on hwy 64 from Cleveland TN to Copperhill
    it didnt look that crooked on the map,
    was on a saturday, cars parked on both sides of the shoulder,

    at least it was a cabover and a 48 foot trailer.
    I crept along about 4 mph and just squeezed thru