Tuesday, May 01, 2018

How much is a parking lot worth? In Santa Monica? What about if a celeb super star owned it last? Now, is it worth less when you learn Bill Cosby is selling it? I doubt it.

whatever gets built there in the future, the city has already painted all the curbs around it red.
So, the next thing to get built there? Will have maximum visibility from the roads near it

That property is currently a parking lot at the corner of Marine Street and Main, and is on the market for $5.7 million. The lot is 6,024 square feet and has the potential for a 4,018-square-foot building.



  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    5.7 million? Wow, I thought the commercial real estate prices were high in Charleston. If its sold for anything near that price its a guarantee that it won't be used for a parking lot.

    1. highest real estate prices in the USA are LA and New York City

  2. Location, location, location. I don't think the Cosby connection will make a difference either way on that property.