Wednesday, April 25, 2018

original owner 1968 Barracuda 340-S on a forgotten side street, rusting away while the "for sale" sign has fallen inside the car where no one would be able to read the phone number anyway

Still has the original hub caps, and factory exhaust tips. Those tires look pretty old too. 


  1. Cryin' shame Jesse. Wonder what the asking price is?

    1. The owner wasn't there, his neighbor was, and didn't know. It wasn't on the for sale sign either. I figure the next time I get out my 69 Coronet I'll go over there and when he hears (the whole neighborhood will) that solid lifter 426 max wedge, he'll be magnetically drawn to it's 500 pounds of hot iron. Once I've got that old guy out of his house, I'll not let his get back in until he tells me a 3 digit number!