Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Let me start the slow clap of admiration for the truckers... More than a dozen lined up beneath an overpass to help police try to prevent a suicide.

Michigan State  troopers received a call early Tuesday about the man standing on an overpass above Interstate 696. As officers routed traffic away, they directed truckers to drive into positions to shorten the fall if the man jumped.

Thirteen trucks lined the freeway as police dealt with the man. The incident lasted about four hours until he walked off to waiting officers and to seek medical help.



  1. Ive always wondered why they shut down the interstate for half a day when someone threatens to jump,

    always thought:
    Line up some semis, push the nutjob off the bridge onto the roof of the trailers, take em in for a mental eval.
    open the road up inn a few minutes,

    1. yup. Shoot them with a trank, let them fall, get back to business as usual.