Tuesday, April 24, 2018

making the Atlanta Speedway, in 1909. It wasn't long lived, and after WW1 the site became the location of a new airport for Atlanta and in 1925 it was named Candler Field.

In the later 1920’s the US Post Office was looking for an airmail stop in the South East.

 The two cities in contention were Birmingham, AL and Atlanta. A young city alderman, William B. Hartsfield, approached Mr. Candler and struck a deal where the City of Atlanta could use the land, rent-free, for a period of 5 years as long as the City paid the taxes.

It became the home of Atlanta Municipal Airport, the first passenger airport in the world with a control tower, and the first passenger airport with a passenger terminal.

It is, of course, today’s Hartsfield-Jackson International.


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