Friday, December 01, 2017

where did all the cool rims on muscle cars go?

and Keystone Klassics... What a cool look. I still remember the first time I noticed them, I was 6 or 7 years old

no one seems to run 10 inch rims on the back anymore, and no one seems to have slotted mags either. I loved those, and had a set on my 71 Challenger


  1. Good question. I don't really like the current trend of oversized rims with rubber band tires on classic muscle and sportscars.
    I would rather see either these cool rims or some of the stock wheels widened.
    But everyone wants humongous brakes I suppose....

    I learned to drive a stick shift in a 1970 Challenger that looked like the first pick, other than the color. Good times!

  2. Even the Vega panel wagon in the background in the first pic has slotted mags on it!!

    1. and the Duster and Barracuda in the background have good looking rims, too small for me to tell exactly what they are for sure

  3. I love this look. I always wanted a muscle car with Cragar S/S or Keystone Klassics with raised white letter tires. I just love that look.

  4. You hit all the biggies on this post....Cragar SS, aluminum slotted mags, Keystone Classics.....those are the rims of my youth!!!!

  5. For the most part I agree. But I do like the old looking wheels but with 17 or 18” size. Any bigger and it dose not look good on an old Muscle Car.

  6. Agreed!guess they forgot about what actually looked good!