Sunday, November 26, 2017

Some people use what's available, and some, the inventors, improve or design far better versions. Here is the genius next step in dust masks, and I bet everyone of us sees how obvious it is that these are far superior to the originals by simply sealing to our faces

The only reason we use filter masks is to keep crud from getting into our mouth, nose, and lungs, so why use anything that can't seal to your face?

Whether welding, spraying paint, or whatever your job is - that has something you sure as hell don't want to breath in, or some environmental airborne particles that you want to avoid breathing in, like pollens, ash from wildfires, molds after floods, drywall dust, or fiberglass from attics, I know that the best you can do is to eliminate the chances and risks of that stuff getting past your face filter.
So look at the medical grade silicone seal around the mask that conforms to your face, around your nose, chin, and cheeks.

A coarse filter, a particulate filter, and other stuff like the valve that keeps you cool while reducing moisture inside the mask. This uniquely layered protection reduces over 99.9% of BFE and PFE at 0.1 micron.
Proper fit of the rigid or soft collapsible dust mask is easy with the elastic 4-point ear loop strap. Fit it over your ears, and then move the clear silicone tension adjustment until the patented 360° medical grade silicone seal seats around your nose, cheeks and chin.

Or trust Popular Science Magazine is right when they list this in the 2017 Best New Products Guide

And winner of a Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show

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