Wednesday, November 29, 2017

the Magwinder, a sideways/rear-engine aero dragster built by Kent Fuller, owned by Chuck Jones, and driven by Jack Chrisman.

and due to an unexpected break of the pushbar, the pusher truck went up and over the car landing on Chrisman, injuring him badly enough to keep him out of racing for months

Same car with the engine cover removed.


  1. Jesse, about two, maybe 3 years back, a guy comes into the 1915 General Store and garage I volunteer in and we begin talking. He tells me his name is Chuck Jones and I had one of the most interesting conversations of my life. What an amazing guy. He'd been living down in Sarasota and was up our way visiting and just stopped by Heritage Village. He had the most beautiful handwriting, almost like calligraphy. We shot a few messages back and forth until he passed some time ago. The Magwinder still exists in Don Garlits Museum in Ocala.

    1. wasn't the cartoonist, or the car designer, was it? Lucky you to meet him!

  2. No, first thing out of his mouth when we introduced ourselves was "not Bugs Bunny's father." As we talked, he told me about his F1 dreams and eventually owning a team and a whole list of people who drove for him like Clay Regazonni. It was actually a good friend, Ron Roberson, who has written a book about '50's car clubs and drag racing who told me the Magwinder was up at Garlits. Ron's book is titled "The Middletown Pacemakers" and is basically distributed through the museum. Anyway, Chuck was an incredibly interesting guy and we talked for close to an hour before his daughter dragged him off. I was very lucky to meet him.