Tuesday, November 28, 2017

a new Blastolene Brothers car was at the Art Center Car Classic, and it's taken me 6 weeks to learn what it is! Michael Leeds' “Blown Ranger” Fairchild XFR0001 made around 2011

the engine is a NOS crate 1942 Ranger V770, used in airplanes during WW2, 520-hp 12.7-liter V-12, which Micheal Leeds was working with back in 2010 to get it warmed up in the below video, which was once owned by Art Arfons

it was built by Dan Dechant, who engineered a better lube oil system for it

and since I've never met Micheal, but have met both the other Blastolene Brothers, Randy Grubb and Rodney Rucker, I figure I should add this following video so you and I both get to know him a little more. He was the creator of Big Bertha, and the term Blastolene is derived from a barbecue sauce Leeds created for a restaurant he once owned

to see the build webpage, which goes into some things like the cooling fins and headers fab:  http://blastoland.com/blastoland/BLOWN_RANGER_BUILD.html

and I didn't know it, but Car and Driver did an article about the Blastolene Brothers

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