Thursday, September 07, 2017

Richard Petty can do whatever the hell he wants to on the track... and went for a 2nd lap in his 1967 Southern 500 winning Belvedere while leading the race as the honorary pace car

Sunday, Petty was driving the Plymouth Belvedere he won the 1967 Southern 500 in, and that served as an honorary pace car.

Normally honorary pace cars are supposed to head to the pits one lap prior to the field getting the green flag. However, Petty is the King, so instead of returning to the pits, Petty stayed out.

The field had to take an extra lap as the flag man waved the black flag at the 80-year old, who was grinning ear to ear.


  1. Yes, it good to be King! I LOVE THIS! God bless him, he looks great, and we should all be as lucky as when we reach our 80's.

    1. posting and sharing good news fun stuff like this makes my day, but, there isn't enough cool stuff like this to share

  2. All Hail to the King!