Friday, September 08, 2017

40 percent of the Japanese auto market is mini micro cars, the "kei" which get incredible gas mileage, and for incredibly low price (thanks Concrete Rob!)

Would you buy a mini car that gets 72 mpg for $6,637?

And how many would you like?

So, why the hell doesn't anyone make them in the USA? Federal crash standards I suspect. All the legal safety requirements probably eliminates their possibility, but, keep in mind, you can still ride a motorcycle that has zero crash standards.

So... why any crash standards that prevent us from driving inexpensive high MPG cars? If you buy it knowing that you're no safer than on a motorcycle, who's going to lose their minds that you die in one if involved in a crash?

Damned if I know. But I'd pay 1/4 the cost, or, 1/2 the payments for 1/2 as long. How ever you look at it, it's just a new tiny mini car with some new features like a good radio I expect

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  1. I would, and then order one of those body kit to make it look like a 72 Chevy pickup.