Friday, September 08, 2017

I hadn't heard, but the Skip Barber Racing school is outta business.... bankrupt

Skip sold the company in 1999

Well, ok, should have taken the name with you.

Now the business is millions in debt, and owes Skip for rent on the Lime Rock track... which Skip bought.

But the school? Didn't do so good, and seems to have over extended itself at too many tracks

The school owes rent to race tracks across America,
 $239,617.19 to Road Atlanta,
$169,568 to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca,
$112,000 to Mid-Ohio,
 $105,983 to Palm Beach International Raceway,
$56,623.77 to Virginia International Raceway,
 and $29,600 to Willow Springs

the Skip Barber Racing School doesn't let viewers know they are out of business, have lost their instructors etc

Now a group of former SBRS coaches have banded together to start a new school that continues the Skip Barber tradition while addressing some of the concerns that long-time participants have been voicing for most of the past decade.

Headed by former Skip Barber Master Instructor Peter Stolz, the LevelUp Racing School just held its maiden event on the Wisconsin Illinois border north of Rockford at Blackhawk Farms Raceway.

Given a free hand to deviate from the Skip Barber canon, however, the LevelUp crew has seen fit to make some significant changes in the way the school runs.

There was more track time, and the Spec Miatas used for the school were in generally better repair than the patchwork-quilt MX-5s of old. The cars were supplied with Hoosier SM7 tires, which offer far more grip than the venerable BFGoodrich street tires used by Skip Barber.

one of 6 pages of cars, trucks, etc for sale from the Skip Barber school, full list at


  1. Jesse, check out the sale that began today:

    1. Thanks! Porsches, duallys, and Mazdas... oh my!