Sunday, August 20, 2017

Stored for 40 years, only has 550 miles on it, and only sold at auction for 17,600 thou. Was it worth the effort to store it for such a low return after 4 decades of not enjoying it?

It still has air of 1977 in the tires. These pace cars were hard to sell new, and nothing has changed.

 A lot of dealers painted the cars all black or all silver to sell them when new.


  1. I had one of these (without the printing on the door). Bought it in 1980 for $1500. The upkeep forced me to get rid of it in 1986. Sunroof wouldn't close properly, hood release kept breaking off...etc. No rust for a NEO car. I wish I would have kept it because it was a head turner.

    1. you can always buy another someday... hell, this one will be flipped over and over and be for sale at many auctions over the next 5 years I bet.

  2. Goes to show that just because something is old, but never used it doesn't necessarily make it valuable. Especially some of the special edition instant collectibles, that really aren't all that. And of course the value of anything is only as good as what any two people might be willing to pay for it.