Friday, August 25, 2017

In 2015, Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti issued his Vision Zero directive putting L.A. on course to eliminate all traffic fatalities by 2025. So far, it's a abject failure, deaths are up 50%

Seems to me that means everything they've studied, and implemented, has been the opposite of what they should have done, and they should undo the measures, steps, and changes to traffic in order to stop increasing deaths by vehicles

Read about this lunacy:  "the Vision Zero Alliance wants the city to work with community groups to change L.A. attitudes to see saving lives as more critical than marginal increases in car throughput."

LADOT further analyzed the identified High-Injury Network to identify 40 priority corridors where the city will prioritize projects, policies, and programs to reduce traffic violence. Reynolds stated that the major problem in these corridors is speeding. Safety interventions will include around 15 engineering projects, including improvements like signal re-timing and lane restrictions (road diets)

simply put, no one used their brain, and separated vehicular traffic from bicycles. It was tried a 110 years ago, the elevated bike path from Pasadena to LA.

Simply put, the city of LA has problems, and no intelligent problem solvers.

Plus, they have to waste 100 million a year in various lawsuits and legal costs associtated with biking and the lousy pavement and sidewalks. One bicyclist died last year due to hitting uneven pavement, and that single lawsuit was lost by LA, and they had to pay out 4.5 million dollars

 Edgardo Gabat a 56-year-old man wearing a helmet, was thrown from his bicycle and killed after striking a patch of uneven pavement on a street in Eagle Rock, after joining a Southern California cycling club for an evening group ride through northeast Los Angeles on Aug. 21, 2014.

 As the group moved west down a hill on Colorado Boulevard, Gabat struck a 2-inch ridge in the concrete and flipped three times over his handlebars, landing on his neck.

the budget for Vision Zero was $27 million.

The Department of Transportation general manager, Seleta Reynolds says she would need  $80 million just to reduce traffic deaths by 20 percent.

Vision Zero?  Slowing down cars with more bike lanes sounds more like zero vision.

How many mass transit routes are planned from LAX and South Bay to the Westside?
The answer is simple: Zero.
There’s a proposed line along Lincoln Boulevard., but the expected completion date is 2047.
And the transit line between LAX and Westwood is not slated to open until 2057.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “in 2016, the first full year that Garcetti’s Vision Zero policy was in effect in L.A., 260 people were killed in traffic crashes on city streets, an increase of almost 43 percent over the previous year” and, at least as of April 2017, traffic deaths were running 22 percent higher than 2016.

Several council members have actively blocked safety improvements in their districts.


  1. The Swedish government decide a short while ago to reduce traffic deaths to zero. An admirable goal, which cannot be reached, but I'm sure they'll get pretty far part of the way. Now already a lot of towns have 20 or 25 mph speed limits, and the natives seem to be in on the game.

    Of the many ways to achieve such a goal, driver education is but one. Having lived and driven a lot in the US, I'm convinced that this by far will be the most important in this country. Europe has it's morons in traffic too, but overall our driver ed is more stringent (Denmark: 26 lessons theory, 26 lessons driving on road and track).

  2. Vision Zero Automobiles

  3. to begin with, Garcetti is a total moron.

    secondly how many of those accidents and injuries and deaths are caused by being a sanctuary city full of illegal immigrants who receive zero punishment from their traffic crimes?

    if youre a citizen with an actual drivers license and insurance and money, the cops write you all kinds of tickets, if youre an illegal, the cops just let you go.

    and how about having an actual driving test with proven skills like you have to do for say a private pilots license or commercial truckers license.
    in europe they have to have actual provable driving skills to get a DL,

    and lastly, how about lowering the fine for stupid victimless stuff like speeding etc. and adding a zero on the end of the fine for CAUSING an accident.

    a minor speeding ticket, (less than 25 over) should be say, a $75 fine ond no points on your DL,
    however if you CAUSE an accident it should be a $1500 minimum fine and say 5 points, and if you cause another accident within 5 years it should be a $4000 fine.