Thursday, July 27, 2017

What? It turns out, its a movie car, custom made to look odd. Just like the other dozen cars made for the movie Ecume des Jours / Fog of Days

For the film adaptation of Boris Vian's film Ecume des Jours, French filmmaker Michel Gondry has built models of hybrid cars by engineers at Peugeot.

In 2012, Michel Gondry shoots in Paris and in Belgium his film version of L'Ecume des Jours (with Omar Sy and Audrey Tautou, among others) for which we could see these strange cars. The PSA engineers participated in the design of about fifteen vehicles by reassembling different old models of the different brands of PSA.

here are a couple others, but go to the link after the photos and see them all


  1. this is a car specially built for the movie "l écume des jours" by famous french director Michel Gondry. there a lot more :

    1. Thank you! Yay! Now we know what it's all about!

  2. That's a Peugeot 104 with a Peugeot 404 rear on the front. Thought there were crazy guys only in the USA...

  3. That's kind of funny!

  4. The back of the car seem to be a Peugeot 104. And the front have been made with the trunck and the back of a Peugeot 403.