Friday, July 28, 2017

this is a very thorough look at movie cars by artist Jesús Prudencio, and a pretty good trivia game too. It's pretty hard to guess the car and movie from such small parts of the whole car, but you can get the answers at the artists website

When I say thorough, and hard to guess, I think the top row 1st and last are good examples of that. 

The first one is the Pulp Fiction Nova they had to throroughly clean the brains out of, the last is the Ghost Busters Cadillac ambulance - modified to be a ghost capturing Ecto 1

So enjoy for fun, or use this to challenge some movie know it all

I think I'll wait to take this as a test until next week when I have more time, and then I'll go back to the website link above, and get all the accurate answers, and then post them.

There are a lot I recognize though, and I looked at this as a lot of fun to see how many could be guessed at. Far more are simply unknown because they are obscure. 


  1. 1Pulp Fiction, 2Taxi Driver,4Ghostbusters, 5Mr. Bean, 6Back to the future, 15Bullet, 24Starsky and Hutch, 29Christine, 34Mad Max, 36Breaking Bad,42Knight Rider?, 43Herbie the Love Bug, 47Smokey and the Bandit, 51Easy Rider, 53American Graffiti, 70Magnum PI, That's all I can get. I don't even know how many would be correct.

  2. This is fun. I see Taxi Driver, Bullit, 'stang from Gone in 60 Seconds (original), the Vespa from Roman Holiday, what looks like Austin Power's Jag, Easy Rider, Smokey and the Bandit, McQueen's Porsche 917 from Le Mans and his bike from The Great Escape(?), Mad Max, Gran Torino, the underwater Ford from Psycho, and I think that's Tippen Headron Jag saloon form Vertigo, Bond's submersible Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me, and Hey Christine! Looking good girlfriend.

  3. What has been already mentioned plus: 73 Torino, the big lebowski. A team Chevy van. White challenger from vanishing point. Flamed pickup from Kill Bill. VW van from little miss sunshine. AMC pacer-Waynes World. T-bird from Thelma & Louise. 49 Buick from the Rainman. White Ford DeLuxe - Grease. 33 Auburn - The Great Gatsby. Charger - Dukes of Hazard. VW Thing - 50 first dates. Alfa Spyder - The Graduate. 2CV - For your eyes only. Porsche 928 - Jerry McGuire. Ferrari 250 GT - Ferris Buellers Day Off. Red Mini - the Italian job. Pink Caddy - Goodfellas. Wrecked Countach - The Wolf of Wall street.

  4. Oh, and the Bluesmobile from the Blues Brothers.

  5. God help me I'm hooked on this. Urkels Isetta. DB5 from Gold finger. P1800 from the Saint. Plymouth Satellite -Adam 12. Black Nova - Death Proof. Mercury Park Lane from the original Hawaii 5-0. White Ferrari Testarossa - Miami Vice. 34 Ford - Bonnie and Clyde. Motor home from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Silver Mercedes Cabrio - the hangover. Motorhome from Space balls.