Saturday, July 29, 2017

this Challenger spent 30 years in a garage in Bridgeport Connecticut

15 years ago Chuck found an ad in a newspaper, for this car and a 1969 Hemi, both for 18k, or jsut the car for 3 thou.

The owner had been hanging onto the car for his kid, but instead of the expected happy response to being offered a cool car, the kid called it a ratty old car.

So the guy finally let it go.

It left the factory as a Super Track Pack 440 6 pack, but oddly, it wasn't outfitted with 15 inch rims as all Super Track Pack cars were supposed to

this car didn't work very well from the factory, so when the Dick Landy traveling clinic came to a nearby dealership, this car was taken in for some professional help

see a full gallery at and read the full story, it's pretty good. This car was stolen in the 70s, and recovered. It's had a street racing life too. 

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