Friday, July 28, 2017

damn, sad stories can be effing shocking

Cool bike right?

A chopper shop owner built this for himself, then had a swimming pool accident, and was virtually paralyzed from the neck down.

That's a friggin tragedy, a biker, and bike builder, kept from ever riding again, but not by a bike accident - which would make sense, but by a swimming pool accident.

Back in the 1980s this bike was originally built by Kenny Flack, the owner of The Hog Shop, which was a small bike shop in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Kenny specialized in building big motors, and this was a bike that he built for himself. The 1975 Shovel motor is stroked with a set of big-bore cylinders, and the pistons are gas ported to provide a little more compression. The heads were machined, ported, and polished on a flow bench built by Kenny. The motor is sucking in air through a modified super B carb with an accelerator pump off a Holley carb. Then, for a little extra kick, a nitrous bottle strapped to the side. The tranny had gears back cut to stop any slipping out. The frame is a Jammer attached to an early FX front end.

Kenny had the bike on the road for several years then tore it apart for a rebuild, when an unfortunate swimming-pool accident left Kenny virtually paralyzed from the neck down. His shop and all of its assets, including this bike, were sold through an auction. The bike was bought by a friend of his who actually left the bike in Kenny’s hands.

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