Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ford Girls' Fast Track Races. Ford and four Girl Scout Councils teamed up together...

 Recently I heard something that paraphrased said that women don't get into some jobs, careers, etc because they either never have heard of them, or were never invited. Isn't that presumptuous? Women do have the internet too! It's not as if they are kept in the kitchen or laundry, illiterate and denied electricity.

But that notion that women are subject to a vast male conspiracy? It's echoed here... maybe Ford isn't aware that General Motors is run by a woman, Mary Barra

Why isn't Ford stopping into the electrical engineering courses in high school? Why not ask girls why they aren't giving that as much of a chance as what ever women are going to in college and universities?

Women make up only 25% of the auto industry? Again, probably because that industry sucks, and women won't put up with it's bullshit. Face it, selling cars isn't always the equivalent of Mother Theresa's good works, it has a lot of dishonesty built in, so that a sale quota is met, at the cost of the customer.

Why doesn't Ford ask women in college and universities why they aren't choosing to go into the car field?

My opinion, based only on life experience, is that if a job sucks, women won't put up with that bullshit.

I work at a dealership, and women don't come to it to buy cars as much as men do, (it's a 20/80 split possibly due to our brand, and focus on off road 4x4s) and they don't come to get a job there, and that is why only 1/4 or less of the 150 or so employees where I work are women. Just my 2 cents. They are strictly admin, not a single woman in sales, mechanics, or management. And yet a woman owns the company. So... who is at fault for the lack of diversity there?

But the woman in the video at the 29 second mark says women face different problems, have different thoughts, and different views. Ok, so why didn't Ford ask her if that's why women don't get into the tech, science, and auto industries like 3 times as many men do. Or, maybe that IS why.

And Lori Ross says in the video, at the 54 second mark, that GIRLS don't know they can do something unless they see it.

How about that. Hand her a Nobel prize for discovering that BOYS have esp, and are magical. From what she just said, obviously boys know what they can do without seeing it. Sigh. Some things people say strikes me as utter bullshit, and not productive in the conversation


  1. women usually are not interested in jobs that are not sitting in a cushy chair in an air conditioned building.
    which most engineering jobs are, so i have no idea whay they arent interesting in engineering.

    womwn always shine about how they dont get paid as much, which in the case of General Motors CEO is true, she gets paid less than half what the man who bankrupted the company got paid.
    and way less than the man the fed gov installed as CEO when it was Government Motors
    you wont see any women working as plumbers, welders, truck drivers etc.
    these joba all pay pretty good, but require actual physical exertion, so women are not interested.

    1. exactly my belief as well. I don't know she was working for reasonable wages, vs the ridiculous amount the other GM CEOs had been getting! Trucking doesn't pay shit any more is what I'm reading on all the trucking sites. The electronic logs chopped their income by 25-35 % is what I'm seeing

    2. But you're right on the exertion jobs, women don't get into jobs like logging, lumberjacks, welding, plumbing, construction, field workers in the utilities companies, cable tv installers, electronics techs, factory assembly... I've done the 2nd half of that list, and grew up in the logging area of Michigan, and no women are working in those jobs