Wednesday, April 26, 2017

the Woody Golf Buggy, designed by Lord March (Goodwood), built by Andy Dance, fabricator and frequent collaborator with Goodwood to build carts, wacky racers, and art deco garages

In 2007 Goodwood opened its restored historic downland golf course and with it their beautiful 18th Century Kennels Clubhouse. As very high levels of hospitality are the norm, every detail on the golf course were considered.

So, rather than entertain standard ‘plastic’ golf buggies, the Earl of March commissioned buggies based on a vehicle his grandfather had designed and built in the 1930s.

That revolutionary car was called the Brakenvan and it was distinctive for its then-groundbreaking commodious design and ash-wood framed body. Factors like wheel-size were a big aesthetic obstacle, an issue finally overcome by developing ‘aerodyn’ spats to cover them.

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