Friday, April 28, 2017

I got my daily commuter back from the dealership, after 4 days of it getting worked on and waiting for parts. There's just one thing wrong

the clock is slow by 10 minutes

Why is that a big deal?

I use that damn clock in the car to determine when I stop reading the magazine of the day and get started at my job. See, I arrive 10-15 minutes early to work, and the place is locked up until the very minute it opens for business, as the person who has the keys and opens it up doesn't get paid to get started early, so, they don't. They start when they get paid. Makes sense.

So I don't bother getting out of my car and going in until it's time to clock in.

And that brings us back to the clock in my car... which I rely on to be accurate (It always is) for me to start the day.

But it lost 10 minutes while in the dealership due to the battery being disconnected I suppose.... and so, I'm 10 minutes late to work today.

Other than that, the car is nicer than when I dropped it off, because they washed it, wiped the tires with some black shiny stuff, cleaned the rims, and for the love of Mike they cleaned the hell out of the windows. I gotta find out how they do that, because they now look like brand new glass. 

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