Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cars 3

Disney unveiled the latest preview for the threequel on Wednesday, showing how Lightning McQueen tries to reboot his career following a catastrophic crash and the threat of irrelevance posed by a new generation of high-tech racers. Today, Mattel will unveil its complete line of Cars 3 offerings, from miniature vehicles of old and new characters to playsets to larger-scale interactive toys — and Yahoo Movies has your exclusive first look below.

The franchise built around animated autos has driven more merchandise sales than any other Pixar film, with Mattel’s line of die-cast cars leading the way.

Nathan Fillian (Castle, Firefly) voices Lightning McQueen's business marketing manager, Sterling, a brilliant businesscar who runs Rust-eze Racing Center—one of the most successful elite training facilities in the country. The always dapper Sterling comes across as unassuming and laid back, but business is business, and Sterling is driven to ensure all of his investments pay off.

when the first teaser preview showed us Lightning McQueen, in a major wreck there was one Cars fan who was especially shaken by the event. So much so that he hatched a plot for vengeance.

An eight-year-old wrote Pixar and said, 'Are you really killing Lightning McQueen? Because if you are, I want to buy the toy that kills him, so that I can kill him.'


  1. Did you notice the hat tip to Smokey Yunick in the first picture? The sign says
    "Smokey's Automotive Service - Best dang garage in town". I guess Pixar didn't want to use Damn.

    1. AAAAAAAARRG! BOOM! You just blew my mind!
      SMACK! Forehead slap, I go away in shame.
      But I'm posting that!

  2. The storyline ties in with your post below about NASCAR Drivers retiring earlier because of the licensing and appearance money.

    1. Aaaannnd, I didn't catch that coicidence either.
      I must be getting old or something!

      You are the man! Compliments on the awareness factor today!