Friday, April 28, 2017

they didn't make any RHD Cobras did they? Turns out I didn't even consider the countries they would have made RHD Cobras for. So, 61 rhd, 655 lhd Cobras were made

Thanks to Larry and Burkey for the reality check.

You guys know I often need one, right? Feel free to keep my mind open to the reality that I can't remember nothing, know very little, and haven't seen half of everything yet


  1. 61 RHD, 655 LHD.

  2. One of 44 right-hand drive made for the UK market

  3. Surely Yes, as the Cobra was based on a British car designed & built by AC

    1. it only makes sense when it's recalled that they made some for rhd countries... England for example. I just don't believe I've ever seen one yet