Monday, April 24, 2017

car warranties, rental cars, and car insurance

There I am, finding that the intermittent problem with my commuter is a failure of the turbo.

So, it's going to take a couple days for the Hyundai dealership system to get one to San Diego... seems having one on hand isn't deemed necessary in the 7th largest city in the USA.

Meanwhile, they offer me a rental car. Well, that's nice. However... rental cars aren't insured in any way, rental car companies insist you acquire your own insurance by either paying them, or having your insurance company cover them

But Allstate for example, my insurance company, only covers rental cars if you've had a car collision.

A moment to appreciate the irony, they will insure your rental car when you've been at fault or involved in a collision, but not when your car is in for warranty work and they've paid out nothing in a collision claim

Get that... they only find it appropriate to insure your rental car when you're a bad driver, and not when you're a good driver that has cost them nothing in claims for damage and medical.

FYI, I believe the car insurance company charges about 25 a day for the Ford Focus, and the insurance is about 29 a day for the minimum, and 39 a day for the full magilla. 


  1. When you rent a car be careful of the 'loss of income' clause. This says that if you wreck the car or do anything to it that requires it being taken out of service the rental co. can charge you for the loss of income that the car could have made in that time. If your insurance co. will cover the liability for a rental make sure that it includes this loss of income clause. My brother got stung by this when he rented in San Diego a few years ago.

    1. Whoa! I never heard of that! Well, they sure are mean about the whole thing. If they can't be nice about renting cars they should get out of the business!

  2. Yep, my daughter worked for Enterprise for 4 or 5 years out of college and loved it. The loss of income clause disappears IF you buy the insurance from the rental co. You could take your rental car and go Drifting for the weekend, wrinkle every panel and return it on fire, brush your hands together, drop the keys on the counter with a "Great weekend" and walk out. If you don't buy their coverage and have a fender bender (while your asleep at the hotel), when you turn in the car it goes to the body shop (that real busy) and it takes 5 weeks to are on the hook for the highest daily rate till they get the car back. Heard of $5,000 rentals because of that. Your insurance may cover the damage, but NOT the rental fee.

    1. Thanks! It's something I plan on getting far more educated on... and posting about, as I can ask the agent where I work about their rental car insurance details. Yesterday the agent I spoke to said the only things their insurance covers are going to be while the car was driven legally. I think she was trying to answer my previous question about returning the car on a flat bed, busted and broken.