Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The model seaplane belonging to Mr Porter of Surrey, strapped to the roof of a Rolls Royce and on its way to the nearby lake, most likely Virginia Waters, a royal pleasure ground. April of 1930


The lake at "Royal Landscape Virginia Waters" was created in the 18th century under the stewardship of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, with the help of his architect Henry Flitcroft – and the construction work first began in 1752. The lake and its grounds were reinstated as a place of pageantry and spectacle, with fishing temples along the shore and an ornate Chinese junk peacefully resting on the waters.

It's just 6 miles from Heathrow airport, and 5 miles from Windsor Castle

 The Leptis Magna ruins is a folly that, in the fashion of the time (1820s), was built to look like a genuine Roman relic - using some of the remnants of a Roman town near Tripoli.

 old postcards to artistically add a romantic tinge to the way it was supposed to pull in tourists



  1. Are you sure Virginia water isnt the location?

    1. Of course not. I'm only sharing the caption that was originally with the photo. Hell, if that info is wrong, what can we trust?

    2. But wow, that makes a compelling argument for the name of the lake, it sure does.