Wednesday, November 02, 2016

plenty of perfect old Chevy trucks at SEMA again this year

 I guess it's a 64 Chev or GMC

in front of Central Hall seems to be an area set aside just for cool old Chevy trucks for the past couple of years


  1. That '59 GMC has different wheels on each side.

    1. Yes, I think so the owner can get input on what one to go with for the long term. Others in the past have had cars painted different on each side for the variety, just for fun, so that could also be it, maybe just the owners way of having the best of two different styles

  2. Definitely a GM product. Has a Chevy hood. Cab is between '60 and '63 because it has a wrap around windshield. All these trucks are far from perfect though. The wheels are much too large in diameter and of all their springs must be broken because they are sitting so low to the ground. Someone told me that they may have airbag suspensions, but who would spend good money to decimate a truck's cargo carrying capability by installing an airbag suspension? Nice paint though. They'd look pretty sweet with some 15" wheels.

  3. That GMC reminds me of When I finally finnished my '64, I drove it around for a week with two different sets of wheels to see which ones I liked best.
    Both reversed rims, chrome on one side and painted off white on the other with factory caps. It was funny how few people noticed.

    Two years later it was stolen, masked with vasoline and painted with a vacuum cleaner. I got it back, as the guys were caught in it doing an armed robbery and didnt get a chance to ditch and burn it.

    Once home again, I decided to embrace its new identity for a while and added some old leopard print interior trim and dingle balls around the window openings. Once blue, it was now a kind of metallic army green with runs and dirt. From the outside it was bad.
    But it was awesome to drive it to shows again like that. The attention it got was unbelievable. I didnt fix the window they broke to get in, or clean out the wreckage they left behind. It even gained a distinct odour of cheap port wine to complete the experience for all those who ventured down to look inside.
    As ugly as it was, every mechanical part under it was show car quality chrome and always kept sparkling clean, even the engine bay remained clean and dressed in its original colour.

    It confused the shit out of everyone.