Monday, October 31, 2016

Whoa... cool 1955 Ford F750 Fire Rescue Truck (thanks Case!)

Is this the most unique fire dept truck you've seen in a while or what?!!

The rear section of the roof slides forward, and the back door panel is presumably collapsible or removable. The truck wears “North Braddock Volunteer Fire Dept., Co. 3” lettering and graphics, and paint seems liked it’d look decent from twenty feet or so

It's on EBAY with No Reserve somewhere in Pennsylvania

via  and Case!


  1. Hey thanks for posting going to look into this. I like this kind of stuff. Haven't had a chance to look for some time but will catch up with your posts one of these days. Probably 9 months worth of posts -shouldn't take that long. lol

  2. Someone posted in that original story a coachbuilt link of same and similar truck.

    Picture of truck

    And picture of similar truck showing how the rear canopy slides in.