Thursday, November 03, 2016

1976 Australian Falcon


  1. Move along....nothing to see here...

    A good one of these is hard enough to find here these days, we dont need any more leaving the country.

    They rust bad,... You won't like them.

  2. If thats a '76. Its an early build car for an XC. The XC coupe came out in December of '76. Those god aweful spoilers on the front and rear, came out on a 'Cobra' edition in '78 and could be a scavenged set. These would have Ford part numbers and may have confused things.

    The third and final incarnation of the wonderful XA Coupe. The XC was mutton dressed up as Lamb. Only 900 coupes had been sold in 1977, and 400 of these old bodies remained on the shelf.
    As a last ditch effort, the Ford XC 'Cobra' coupe was born in 1978. Nearly as hideous as the 1978 Mustang Cobra II, it was always destined for failure, and did not sell well. Partially because of all the 'tupperware' hanging off it.

    At the time, a young American was working at the post of Assistant Managing Director. This young executive suggested that the body shells be assembled and sold as the 'Cobra'. It is rumored that this idea was not popular with the other executives and the idea was rejected. Until a memo came back from Ford Head Office stating that if Edsel Ford II had suggested a Cobra, then a Cobra it shall be.

    1. wow, good history lesson! Thanks!