Monday, October 31, 2016

I've always liked Jeep trucks, but haven't seen a new one... until now. Called the Seven Fifteen referring to the military designation of the M715 Jeep Truck

I love the look, and the non directional military tires, very cool.

Rear winch? Hmmm


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  2. 715 is reference to the 1960's Jeep M715 military pick up truck.

  3. Car & Driver had an article showing this truck and the other Jeeps that they took to the Easter Jeep Safari. It's not on their website, but I think in the magazine, they showed some of the Easter eggs on the Seven Fifteen, like the "S3V3N F1FT33N" and "B345T" (BEAST) logos and the logo below the right taillight.

    I have seen spy photos of prototype Jeep Wrangler pick-ups driving around, but I don't know if they will ever build them for sale.

    1. Thank You! I doubt they'll build them, the compass in the dashboard alone isn't going to make it to the production line. I'll post that gallery of this truck soon... just not tonight