Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Long day, 530 to 1030, no time for lots of posts, sorry

Maybe tomorrow.

Went to the trophy trucks qualifying, and I can tell you it's not worth the time and travel to see them qualifying.

Watch a youtube video of a race instead.

During quals, they rip around the track, yes, but only one at a time, and the people in charge of when the trucks can run don't have the show on a time table. We sat around for 20-30 minutes while nothing ran on the track, and they started late, and if they can't do the paperwork some other time when people aren't sitting on the aluminum grandstand benches... they don't deserve to have your participation as audience.

A stop watch, a pencil, and a piece of paper... and they can mark the time for all the runs, and not waste the time of all the audience.

Seriously, it was frickin ridiculous. Kids don't have that much patience and a lot of parents had to get up and go.

Why? Because someone couldn't man up and tell the drivers to get started and go. Seriously?

And the announcer would NOT SHUT UP. Nothing to say, nothing to talk about, because nothing was moving on the track. I get it when you need to fill for a minor issue, but shut up, get in touch with the people who can't get the show on the road, and yap in their ear for 20 or 30 straight minutes when there is nothing to say. 

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