Monday, September 19, 2016

Waco update, you ain't gonna believe this... the Waco massacre? NPR ignores the shooting of the bikers by police (20 dead) and stops their story before even mentioning how many died, and why police sharpshooters went trigger happy on a restaurant

it focuses it's perspective on the Cossacks and the Bandidos, while no boyscouts, and their clash over the "Texas" rocker argument. A matter I don't give a shit about. It's theme is that this was a shootout between biker gangs, not bikers shot and killed by cops.

It's strange to read this view of a police vs biker massacre which doesn't ask why police were surrounding a restaurant meeting, with SWAT and lots of markmen sharpshooters who aimed for the head (Correct me if I'm wrong, but 2 bullets center mass and re-evaluate... ain't that the police procedure far and wide? Supposedly?) and murdered and injured with furious shooting without a care for collateral injuries to restaurant staff. (bullets have a habit of going through windows and walls)

Read for yourself, let me know if you think it's extremely strange way to tell the facts (it's a news organization) about a slaughter, when it's 90% about the patches, and never mentions the # of dead.

However, over at, the details were found about some of the shooters. So far, Waco Swat has been given a pass, and though having killed at least 4 of the 9, aren't even going to be seeing the inside of a court room.

192 people who are not police officers will face prosecution, cops who killed won't.

A different aspect... the seizure of the bikes and vehicles...

" in the days after the arrests scores of vehicles were impounded, Most of them were released within a month, often because the people who drove or rode them to the restaurant that day didn’t have clear title to them.

“I received a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle for possible forfeiture involving this case at Twin Peaks,” a Waco cop named Vincent Glenn wrote in June. “During my investigation, I discovered the motorcycle has a lien on it. I confirmed the validity of the lien through the lien holder, Unity One Credit Union. I released the vehicle on 6-10-15."

 Four hundred eighty-five days after the event, Waco police are still holding 16 motorcycles and 10 trucks seized from people who have never been proven to have committed any crime."

The dash cam footage from one cop car has been released onto you tube


  1. Have you considered the possibility that the law enforcement officers are just better at what they did than the big bad ass bikers?

    Seems to me the reason for sending a bullet is to hit the target. You have no proof the law enforcement officers fired the first shot; but the logical conclusion is that the officers were more proficient and efficient at finding the target.

    If a group of known criminals is meeting with another group of known criminals, I am glad the law enforcement officers were there. If they had ignored the meeting, how many innocent bystanders would have been harmed by the dirtbags?

    For the record, I don't necessarily profess anything written above, but it is just as easy to show both sides of the story instead of your usual "bash the cops, they have power I don't have" mentality. Your one sided, continual representation of opinion as fact is always entertaining to contest. Especially when you reach immediately for the "it's my blog and I'm wonderful and you can't say I'm wrong" reply.

    1. before I even read your note.... do you recall what police and SWAT are supposed to do? It is not firing squad duty. Maybe you aren't even American, I don't know, your moniker of "on belay" isn't a name, but in the USA we began our country with laws. Maybe the country you live in began with communities of people just farming and growing rice, and eventually the need for laws came around, long after your country was known far and wide to be of one people. But the USA was fought for, and we killed a lot of French, British, and Germans to pry it from their dead hands, and make our own country for ourselves. We then declared independance from the former colony makers, and then ratified ourselves some laws when we made a constitution. In reaction to the way the former tyrants had ordered us around, we set up our law system with a specific set of rights for the citizens to protect us from the government. One of those, was due process. You probably don't even know what in the hell that is, but to put it simply, the citizens have the right to be secure in their person and property that the govt can NOT take either away without convincing our community that we are unworthy of either and a danger to the other citizens. To make sure all these laws are enforced fairly, we have courts, judges, and jurists. Now, we can take away a persons things, or life, but only after going about the process the right way, and that is to prove with evidence, that the accused suspect of wrongdoing is a danger, or has been dangerous, to the degree that they must be deprived of the very life they have so that the rest of the community will be safe. So- simply put, the process is something that every citizen has a right to be gone through before a sentence of death or imprisonment can be forced on them... and when a dozen police open fire on a melee or riot, and kill citizens, that process that the bikers have a right to, was ignored. Now... here in the USA, those law enforcement types do not get the authority to ignore the laws, and the rights, of the citizens. Do you understand why? Because it's above their paygrade, and not in their job description, to take away the life of the citizens of the USA. The police are only given the authority by the citizens that pay the govt to do the job of enforcing the laws, and that means to arrest and bring the law breakers before a judge and in a court, provide the evidence that a citizen broke the laws, disturbed the peace of the community, and ought to be deprived of the means to do so again. BUT THAT AIN'T WHAT HAPPENED HERE. Cops shot and killed 9, and injured with bullets another 20, and have deprived almost 200 more of their vehicles.... and have not in the last 16 months (right to a speedy trial is another right we citizens have) brought forth the evidence that any of the actions of the police were within their authority. No judge told the police that the bikers were guilty, and no evidence and warrant were put up to show cause to arrest the bikers. But that wasn't what occured anyway, the police had sharpshooters and marksmen kill the bikers. Not arrest with handcuffs, tear gas, tasers, or water cannons. Rifles, and bullets. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

    2. if in the future, you want to discuss something, email me. is my email, and has been provided on the upper right hand side of the blog for the past 10 years. Your opinions and hyperbole about a matter I post about aren't going to be respected here again unless you show reason that your rant, diatribe, or explanation for getting published on my blog are worth being respected. For what it's worth, and not that you've been paying attention, but I already did 3 years as a cop, and I'm not bashing anyone that does their job per policy and procedure and legally while respecting the constitutional rights of the suspects. NONE of the MOTHER FUCKERS I post about have. It's simple, I'm pointing out the abuse of law enforcement against the citizen. When your mom, sister, daughter, bother or son are the victim of police brutality, you'll maybe see things my way. Until then, may all police you ever come into contact with respect and remember that your rights to due process, and their authority to arrest the citizens are respectable things in the USA, and when they can't do their jobs right, they can expect that all the condemnation and bad publicity that can be put in front of the rest of the world beyond their tiny little domain will be what I do. The rest is up to the victims to get accomplished in court, and the govt representatives of those jurisdictions to do THEIR jobs, and prosecute the police for breaching the limits of their authority, and abusing the people, and their rights, and violations of the constitution of the USA, which was written specifically to keep the tyrants from ever getting out of line. Serve and protect, those are the duties and the job of the police. Not kill and brutalize. Wise up on belay.

    3. oh yes, and when you make your blog and show both sides, let me know. I look forward to seeing you demonstrate just how easy it is, and how thoroughly you cover the issue, and for how long you remain vigilant when people kill other people without authority, and if that ever should come to pass that you publish news I'll be sure to see if you are putting the same standards in your work as you think you are finding me in short supply of.

    4. Hey, I just noticed, Herb, that you were bitching about shit I posted 2 years ago... what the fuck are you doing hanging around years later when what I post pisses you off? Just go away, or shut the fuck up

    5. in case you're wondering what I'm referring to