Tuesday, September 20, 2016

this was the accident that basically brought group B to an end, the engineers and mechanics began to worry about putting drivers in cars that were so fast and so light.

May 31, 1986 the fifteenth special stage of the  ADAC-Rally Hessen
At 20:34 the Ford RS200 driven by Marc Surer ran wide on a fast right hander. It spun on the grassy verges of the road and hit a tree broadside near the engine compartment at a speed estimated to be around 200 km/h. The car sheered this tree in half and continued to slide over the grass until it it a larger tree just behind its b-column. The Ford exploded in a great ball of fire and broke in two parts. Surer’s co-driver Michel Wyder was killed instantly. Surer was ejected from the car. He suffered multiple fractures, serious burns and other injuries.


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