Friday, September 23, 2016

ever seen a vinyl top bug before? With the mod top floral print... drag racing? Me neither  the 1970 world finals in Dallas


  1. Although I'm a T shirt kinda guy. I love a vinyl top, I think it formalises the car and ads an air of sophistcation. A bit like putting on a coat while wearing a tie.

    Then there's this bug.

    Who ever put forward the Mod Top idea as a good one, should be made to own up and wear the shame and public ridicule they deserve.

    1. I've posted about the design engineer Chrysler had make the Mod Top, and he did 4 colors... this isn't one, but the floral print was immediately ripped of and Oldmobile and Manx also started offering the mod top... Hell, I bet JB Penny, and JC Whitney, and every corner stereo shop would sell you mod top material, or sell and install. Click on the tag "Mod Top" just under the photo of the bug, it will bring up all the mod top posts, and scroll down, and you'll see the only Mod Top Daytona, plus the 4 color swatches from that engineer.

  2. I now know why good second hand Mopar interiors have been hard to come by.

    Since 1971 at least 2800 used cars needed a replacement.

    Mr Duncan Mounsey,..... sit low in your chair sir.
    You befouled the good name of Chrysler Design!
    People steal Cuda's just so future generations dont have to suffer because of you.

    Got plenty of that material left over? Do you?
    Oh, the Daytona idea didn't quite work out either,

    Honestly, unless its of museum quality or significance. Why would you?